The Learning Curve Book – Santiago Iniguez

The Learning Curve Book - Santiago Iniguez

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October 10, 2011

Quote used in Chapter 7 – Melting pots of knowledge

Amartya Sen, the Indian Nobel Price Winner in Economics. In his widely commented book The Argumentative Indian, he explains: “There was a great strength in the old Indian tradition, where you took plurality as the natural state of affairs. Ashoka in the 12th century BC mentions the fact that we have different beliefs, we should listen to each other, we must argue with each other. That was an acceptance of heterodoxy.” [1]In his brief essay “A Lecture in India: Large and Small”, he confirms this view: “The intellectual largeness of India links closely with the reach of our argumentative tradition”

[1] A. Sen, The Argumentative Indian. Writings on Indian History, Culture and Identity, (London: Penguin Books, 2005).

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